Wise Municipality

Wise Municipality

Customer Care / Customer Support

When a customer goes live with Dynamics NAV, they are placed under the care of the Wise Municipality Support Department according to our Support and Enhancement Agreement (S & E). The Wise Municipality Support Team is dedicated to the ongoing support of customer's questions and issues. We use a case management system to prioritize and track your issues and to keep you informed of progress.

The Support Team responds to issues within the hour and operates 9 to 5 each business day.

Software lifecycle and Supported Versions

When you invest in a Wise Municipality solution, you invest in our product roadmap. As a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Gold Partner, we receive early access to all Microsoft products and develop our product lifecycle around the latest Dynamics NAV version as it becomes available. All software upgrades are provided through our S & E program. Customers receive continual product upgrades and enhancements as part of this investment, and we work closely with our customers to not only support their current version but to also formulate an ongoing upgrade plan to ensure they can take advantage of the latest product releases without causing undue disruption to their existing business processes.

Support Knowledge Database, Self-help, Training and FACQS

Another benefit to maintaining a Wise Municipality S & E contract is access to "Microsoft Customer Source", where you can retrieve targeted online training for Dynamics NAV, enquire about the latest product developments, participate in webinars, and take advantage of numerous self-help customer FAQs and support groups. Take a moment and explore what is offered:www.microsoft.com/dynamics/customersource.mspx

How to Contact the Wise Municipality Support Team

To submit a support incident to the Wise Municipality Support Team in Iceland, you can either:
Email us using the contact us form or
Telephone us: +(354) 545-3200

To escalate an unresolved support issue, please contact:
Mr. Jón Heidar Pálsson, Director Sales & Marketing, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..